Family Portraits

Let your family’s love for each other shine through by creating a Family Portrait with us.  We photograph Adults, Children, Extended Family, Family Gatherings, Graduations, and New Baby Celebrations. Also, I photograph Religious Functions, Portraits with Pets, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries and “Just for Fun” events. Your Family Portraits can be photographed anywhere so we recommend that you choose a place that is special to your heart.  Families often have their own special things they like to do when being photographed–fishing, cook-outs,  playing board games– and places they like to go.  I want your family photographs to inspire you, and give you that special feeling, throughout the coming years.  So, I will travel wherever you want your family photographs to be taken.  I ‘ll  make them artistic, loving, and unique for you and your family.  To make this happen, we will consult about day, place and time, and what to wear, as well as helping you “set the stage” for your family portfolio. Here is some information about what to wear:

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