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Portraits, Uniquely for You

If you want a portrait to reflect who you are, I would like to be your Jacksonville Portrait Photographer.  Thinking about doing an Art Portrait?  That is a portrait designed with your photographer to portray a particular mood or look you want.  It’s a unique self expression with thought put into clothing, location, make-up, atmosphere, lighting, posing and print size.  The studio is fine, but you can’t beat your favorite location for many portraits. I suggest having your portrait photographed at a location that is meaningful to you.   Contact me and we can discuss what you would like for your portrait to express to you and others.  Madelyn Rubin, Jacksonville Portrait Photographer.

To schedule an Appointment, please Contact us.

M Rubin Photography, mrubinphotography.com, 904.514.6750 Email Madelyn: mrubin5318@gmail.com
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